Fuel Reserve Changes Nov 8th

Pilots should be aware that CASA are making changes to the requirements for fuel reserves on November 8th. Relevant to RYC is the fact that you must plan to land with your fixed fuel reserves intact. If you need to use your fixed fuel reserve, you are considered to be in an emergency state.

Fuel reserves required:  Day VFR 30mins,  Night VFR 45mins

For all the details check out the CASA website

AvSafety Seminar

Thanks to Iain from CASA for presenting at the Murwillumbah Aero Club AvSafety Seminar.  We all learnt a lot and will be better pilots for it.  It was also a great chance to catch up with our fellow local aviation enthusiasts.

Thanks also goes to Bruce, Faye and the ladies who catered for the night.